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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Sharpshooter and his Assistant

Barker: Step right up! See the meanest ghost around.
The man they once called Hoodoo Brown.
No matter what you did or who warned you
You couldn’t escape him. He’d be your judge and coroner.

The Sharpshooter’s Assistant: He pretends it was the rodeo
but some of us know who he really is.

Billy the Kid was scared of him.

He's much older than he looks.
He spends his off time reading books
in Greek and Latin too.

He sees right through everything.

It's a sight to see him sling his guns.

Everyone stands frozen to the spot,
breathless with each shot.
He's intense like that.

His hat has holes from outlaws bands
and has escaped many an Apache's hand, as has he.

He broke free,
some say from Alcatraz.
Then he hid in Juarez
till it all died down.

What "it" was has been found
to be an unapproachable subject.

But it's clear that he loves it
when his horse hits a gallop
and his guns blaze.

You would be amazed
at what he can do.

You'd believe all the rumors true.

But, when you really get to know
the man behind the astounding show
if you ever do
you'll see it all different
but still think it's all true.

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