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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fortune Teller

Barker: Step right up! Don’t hesitate
to find if you will meet the same fate
Do you think she’s real? Do you dare?
Find out for certain? Beware,
you might find in truth reason to be scared.

Tarot Reader: I’m not pretending.
I can see the beginning
and ending of all I wish.
There's no hiding it.

I went blind at age nine
suddenly and unexpectedly
and lost a finger in an
unfortunate accident.

But I shuffle like lightning
it's almost frightening.
I describe your lies with each card
I put down. It isn’t hard to do.
It astonishes more than a few.

I know exactly what you’re saying,
whether you say it or not.
I knows who came, who went
who hadn’t and who had a lot.

Sometimes I just wander around
muttering ominous phrases,
pointing fingers at sideshow stages,
inciting numerous tears and rages,
stirring up trouble in animal’s cages
and sometimes I’m nowhere to be found.

It's generally thought that I’m unstable
and that I use my powers for ill when I am able.
I frequently give the evil eye
to passers by.
I have pockets full of charms
for good and for harm.
I draw strange figures in the air
and sometimes sit with a frightening stare.
Scared? Beware! I can see your secrets.
My mind is sharp and quick as any whip.
I know your innermost fears.

I am immune to tears.
If you want to be saved
you’d better behave.

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