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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Ghost of Evelyn Byrd


Music box sound.

Step right up! You’ve never heard
a tale so sad as Evelyn Byrd’s.
They say she died of a broken heart,
and is damned to spend eternity apart
from the one she loves.
She carries sorrow like a glove.

Evelyn hands soul to the Devil.

Evelyn Byrd: I loved him. I loved him so that I could not breathe without him.
Being alone was suffocating. Waiting, waiting, waiting
for something that would never come.
I came undone. It was like the sun went black.
I cried so much I almost lost my eyes.
I was engulfed in waves of sorrow.
I declined to join tomorrow.
I died instead, it is said
of a broken heart.
I died of being apart.
Apartness is a cold, empty place,
where everything wastes away.

I could not stay without him.

There is nothing worse
than the first morning you wake without your soul.
With him I was whole.
Without him I was desolate and each breath
reminded me that he was gone.
I was so alone.
I wanted to go where waiting might not be as bad,
where I might not be sad
or at least might not feel it anymore.
I’m sure he died thinking of me.

So I walk and wait by the garden gate.
I walk and wait.
I walk and wait.

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