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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hellbound Train

Sharpshooter’s Assistant: Two outlaws have fallen on the floor.
They’d drank so much they couldn’t drink no more.
With guilty consciences and fevered brains,
they died and took a ride on a Hell-bound train.

The engine was made of murderer’s bones.
Their blood shone in the light of glowing brimstone.
For fuel, a hundred demons shoveled bones.
The furnace rang with a thousand groans.
The boiler was filled with whiskey and fear.
The Devil himself was the engineer.
All you’ve seen and more, in unquiet graves,
once beautiful people who thought they were saved,

from all walks of life they glowed with fright in the night.
All chained together, they were a gruesome sight.

The train roared on at a furious pace.
Hellish fumes licked the damned’s hands and face.
Wilder and darker the country grew.
Faster and faster the engine flew.

Louder and louder the thunder crashed.
Brighter and brighter the lightening flashed.
Out of the distance came a ghastly yell.

Ha! Ha! Ha! We’re almost in Hell.

Sharpshooter’s Assistant: The passengers wailed and shrieked with pain.
They begged the Devil to stop the train.
But he cackled and clapped and danced with glee.
He laughs and delights in misery.

Devil: Ah ha! You’ve done the work for me!
You’ve known me a while. Now you’ll be seeing more of me.
You’ve paid your fare. I’ll carry you through.
After all, shouldn’t we both have our due?
Your flesh will waste in flames that roar.
My demons will torment you for ever more!

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