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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lonesome Liz Sells her Soul


Step right up! Come see this!
It’s damnation of Lonesome Liz.
The way she came to this ghoul filled jail
like Faust, is a tragic tale.

Sound wind

The wind blows low. The air grows cold.
Watch, look, she’s selling her soul!

Liz: I curse the Heavens, the Stars and the Sun.
I vow I’ll see the Devil’s work done.
I promise to spend the rest of my days
keeping the damned in unquiet graves.
If I can only have what I want most,
the command of the hands of a legion of ghosts.

Devil: You won’t regret it, be assured
I’ll join you with a ghost who takes the damned on tour,
a Midway Boss from long ago
who runs what we call Satan’s Sideshow.

Sound, screams join wind

Barker: She’ll get her wish. I sense a few
damned souls uncollected, is one of them you?

Devil: What Liz doesn’t know yet but will soon know well
is that she’s soon going to Hell.

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